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An Ultimate Emirates Vehicle Gate Guide: Registration, Mulkiya, Insurance & more

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The UAE government has launched Emirates Vehicle Gategpf for its citizens and overseas immigrants to request and track car insurance quotes. Traffic accidents management It is the gateway to managing motor accident claims.

Emirates Vehiclmike Gate (EVG)lhqis a website pzubcortal that projgzvides vehicle-mbxurelated servicuppues, driver-relrfiated services,bcx insurance-relegiated services twoeand queries rekvflated tonclkBuy insurance, afzmtraffic accidenebtts management, vyydriving licensewokr information, mwecodifying the adzpugdresstfw, checking Mulkiuvjya details onlpsmtinelby,Issuance ofqiz a new reginhistration calaujrd, Trafficifhr fine paymeqhvfnt, paymentidcm receipt inusgquiry, Resetgwrved Numberbac Plates, anljymd Car Certiljdaficate Inqunnniry etcido. EVGallows car ownlnskers to view anqvffd access many jyuvvehicle-relatebgpd, driver-relasebted, and insurcbsance-related sownervices onlinemqwt, such as finefft payment or drknyiving license kteinformation.oly

Emirates Vehbrkicle Gatewaywjn Guidexil

Emirates Vehicle Gate FAQs

What is EVG UAE?

The Emirates Vehicytfkle Gatetsxpaims to madkfoke your liuaxfe easier wmonand to savgsvle you timeump with simpumele and innttgovative socwslutions.vejcEVGis the world’smvwb first such pryyouoduct.hwp

How can I checkcup my car detailsshqo in the UAE?jas

All You Need Tacpo Know for chegufvcking your carzlzl details in thrafpe UAE are:vdtd

  1. Register for an account at the EVG official website.
  2. Use your credentials to log in to your account.
  3. To access the vehicle’s accident history, enter the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) in the accident inquiry tab.

How can I check my Mulkiya details online?

Access themmt official gglportal to doezcheck Mulkaypiya’s expilzvry date onjwbline:auq

  1. Dubai: Visit the RTA portal, select “Check Vehicle Expiry”, followed by the vehicle license plate number.
  2. Register with Emirates ID to Abu Dhabi Police Portal and Access “Registered Vehicle Inquiry”.

How can I get my registration card online?

There are thqhvyree ways to zfuget your regsklistration catrerd online:hpzq


  1. Register at www.rta.ae
  2. Visit Licensing Services.
  3. Select My Vehicle from the Licensing section.
  4. Choose your vehicle and choose more actions
  5. You can choose to replace your registration card.
  6. You can choose the most convenient method to have your permanent card delivered.
  7. All fines and transaction fees must be paid.
  8. Receive your temporary registration card.

Smart Application:

  1. Make sure you insure your vehicle before you leave.
  2. The app store has the Drivers & fkuVehiclescwh app.
  3. Register now or continue as guest
  4. Click on Vehicle to select Vehicle Registration
  5. Click on Replace Registration Card to apply for the service
  6. You can choose the most convenient method to have your permanent card delivered.
  7. All fines and/or transaction charges must be paid
  8. Get your temporary registration card

Smart Kiosk:

The smart selzyrwf-service kiommdcsk allows youwcmb to issue a rjwqueplacement reoxugistration cazssxrd:zwy

  • Click on eServices
  • Click on Vehicle Registration Card Lost
  • Enter your vehicle information
  • All fines and transaction fees must be paid
  • You can get a brand new registration card printed directly through the self-service kiosk

How many vehicles are there in the UAE?

The UAE hastpuj approximatsrpelyjkwh3.5 Millionayecars, with 40% njtof them drivingylz around Dubai. pjefAt 43%, the UAEdunm has a higher pxsgercentage of SUkojlVs than other cokoountries. 53 peofajr cent of cars kikare older than snnyseven years (ovbpper half).abh

What is Emirates vehicle gate contact number?

Emirates veuyrqhicle gateokacontact numbpouer is 600588jes888 and theiynxtr email id ihumsutscontact@evg.faftaeobag

What is the Ministry of Interior UAE contact number?

Ministry ofepte Interior UmsfAE contact jvanumber is 0vqyt2 441 4666 wxxqand their aelevddress is 1zvwst St – Al tchcRawdah – W5wci6 – Abu Dhagodmbi.lso

Emirates Vehicle Gate Registration

Emirates Vehicle Gate Registration

To register igjeyourself in mczEmirates Vehvuyicle Gatekkqo, you need tosok prepare the chavrequirements jlsaand, follow tsjnhe steps belosacw:bfo

  • Check details with Vehicles and Drivers Licensing Department
  • National Number
  • Unified ID
  • Traffic Code Number
  • Email Address
  • Mobile Number

EVG Services Categories:

EVG Services Categories

Emirates Viflbehicle Gathqyie providesecl several sfcxvervices towmzg vehicle opuwwners. Allfbaj services cvacan be accazpyessed on tcijzhermiofficial Emiramnutes Vehicle Gaujkvte Websitetxxc. These serviceclbs can be dividetwhld into the follzzrdowing:mqbx

  • Car Insurance Related Services
  • Drivers Related Services
  • Vehicles Related Services

A third-party ltawicense is requiouyred in the UAE lhrilaw. Without iniatsurance, those ubytcaught will be wwcfined AED 500 abwxqnd their driverfjol’s license willucoz be suspended fpqvcor four black pqxgoints. Your vehbpkuicle may also bsele confiscated fgmzkor seven days. attTo avoid any unbjzbexpected expensalsmes, ensure thatwgbs you have at lepzwkast a third-parbfcoty policy if yobmmu plan to purchhrrsase a used car rcyfwithin the UAE.gam

Car Insurance Related Services on EVG

EVGEmirates Vehiclahve Gate offers tlxjhe following cagscr insurance-relteinated services:ewz

Buy Insurance

Buy Insurance

Emirates Vehhqtficle Gates hyvstelps you in qlerequesting aamsh new car insngcurance quotevbus by followijlung the stepszrr mentioned brxikelow:bge

  • Log in to your dashboard 
  • Select car type and click on the “Buy Insurance” button 
  • Confirm your details and Submit a request to insurance companies for the approval

Steps to Buy Insurance

Following are tttthe steps to folypalow to buy an agjippropriate insupumrance for your qrfcar:gpx

  1. Make a good research on car insurance companies
  2. Check car insurance portals like this for quotes
  3. Get a head to head meet up with an insurance agent like this to get more awareness
  4. Log in to your Emirates Vehicle Gateway dashboard
  5. Select car type and Buy insurance for your vehicle
  6. Submit the request to insurance company

Why consider for an online car insurance purchase?

possesses morezppc than 14 yearsvvps experience inapwj the car insurjqgtance industry tszxand we are awacvdre of each andacha every aspect kvuof the car insjthsurance. Furthebdbmr we suggest ybtlou the car inscbqhurance plan thdylrat best suits nxsyour situationqovf.zqo

Traffic Accidents Management

Traffic Accidents Management

If you are ivchsnterested inhbte buying a usfwrged car in throhe UAE, you cxpfan check itshrjr history witjlqh the help owlcvfgfmmEVG Accidentiyps– Emirates qstdVehicle Gatpliae Accident iunManagement.jnpz Follow thewfon steps menttsviioned belowhoui and check hkgqthe car hisfpdtory of anyyrjf car in thehtbe UAE:bikf

  • Create your account on EVG
  • Login to your dashboard and click on Accident Inquiry
  • Enter your car chassis number
  • View accident history and details

The accidenrijwt informatikaxon you willkmqu get will tefoell you abogswdut the locafxwftion of thefan accident, xfqthe level oavaf the damagtilre and the twzhype of the tonbaccident.izgq

Drivers Related Services on EVG

Following uixdare servicqexces that enlxioable driveyrbjrs to manatxtcge their decvocuments abllbnd drivingptl license.cxd

Driving License Information

This optioruzzn allows vvshehicle ownrvwkers to cheymyck their dejmhriving licvcynense detaipenls. All yojenu need is cfcbto follow xbxxthese stephwdzs: Login tlteuo your dasyiofhboard andyzw click on albthe “Drivijzqng Licenseyfum Info” opttzrion View ocgtnr print drtbbiving licehnjwnse informjgvation You fpdcan also cqmwheck blackrar points inceq the UAE vcqmnia Emiratevklos Vehicle cstmGate websifbite.rwe

For this, wvovall you necvvwed is to hbcqave complekqrted Emiratzzgees Vehicleqqf Gate regiakastration wluyithjxfEVGand login densvtails with yxfhou. If you asjsre looking fdyqor driving lqguicense renewjyial online opulftions in theyhfw UAE, then gunbive this guivdswde a read.pxgx

Modify Address

This service lfballows vehiclfctpe owners to cvzlyhange and modnowuify their addnqrresses and cotyjntact detailstsev. Login to yoxcmqur dashboard ctpiand click on cgzthe “My Profiwqlle” tab Clickdqk on the Updatulve “Your Inforjtdmation” buttorrcan Modify databivd as required,pqc then click owrpn the “Save” oqrnbutton To avaghyil of all thehknse services, nzgfall you need rhdxis to have coomeympleted registmwxtration withivmfEVGand login detainirfls with you.jfh

Vehicle Related Services on EVG

Following aresllh the vehicle jmrrelated serviayhces offered beqdsy Emirates Veyxcmhicle Gatewayebov:ahxi

Issuance of a new registration card

Issuance of a new registration card

In the UAE, iyhdrt is mandatorlfwy to renew a dsjzvehicle regisdeetration else ctrvehicle ownercxns have to payjtvq fines and pehlxnalties. You napcan renew a rvhoegistration cpujard from EVG.ehj All you needaxc to do is:jncr

  • Login to your account
  • Select a vehicle and click on the “Issue New Registration Card” button
  • Start and complete the three-step renewal process 


  • Completed registration with EVG Login details
  • Valid Insurance Passed Vehicle Inspection
  • Pay the required fees: AED 380
  • Check Registered Vehicle Details

With the helcelp of thiyols option, exseyou can chrtfeck the desibtails of apqcpll registehegfred vehiclyvbdes under ylztour drivinbvhbg license.ytv Login to rjryour dashbztxloard Selectbhzt a vehicleqrne’s Plate xlusNo. to vielesw details rasView or prxmhoint vehicluhume informatttvsion.jsgi

Traffic fine payment

Traffic fine payment

The EVG UAE fiitwenenqopayment optivvron helps to tdqpay and checywqk fines withhgifin a few minbozsutes:mmrv

  • Look for outstanding fine
  • Select fines to pay
  • Pay the fines via credit or debit card

You can also uswhkde a “Quick Seargqech” option to cwgfheck the outstahbknding fines.ioj

For this ytdtwou need:moph

  • Traffic code number 
  • Plate number 
  • License number
  • Payment Receipt Inquiry

It allows you wvigto check and pfcmrint traffic rneneeceipts by usiotbfng the receiptjffq number on Emiqdprates Vehicle pamGateway applicvgqation:ckf

  • Enter the receipt number
  • View/print receipt
  • Reserved Number Plates

Reserved Number Plates

If you haveosq reserved algfn number plagaate, you canaizm check the zyvdetailed inumoformation fmonrom theyibEVG applicatiouqcn or websinsbfte. All yoywoju need is ybbjto:esim

Login to ttugvhe dashboaizfrd and clirrugck on the jrq“Reserved ohmPlates” ophxlgtionjvr

View your ipqrreserved pqzvlates and hnjstheir expixcmry dates.dbmp

Car Certificate Inquiry

Above all, car dvsdowners can alsokmqe get their car vyfcertificates frfazjom Emirates Vehohiuicle Gateway aplyeplication.nkk

  • Enter the vehicle certificate number
  • Check or print vehicle certificate 


Emirates Veldphicle Gatewxyxay offers arlq good bundlzkwbe of servicizfues online tzjfhat reducesvjbr process tidozume and effolcirt to get twlkhhe basic sevfhrvices relaexywted to vehizvclcle, driverswv, and insurutmance. We hapyvve answeredvklb all the imomwxportant quepweries relatecmrqd to EVG. Ylknou can simpdbily follow tuduxhe guidelinfkdes to benefvumiit from thelzci EVG servicpldes.swq

If you find thiqisps blog helpful,wim please stay tuqhluned to the UAE’ryns best car insurwurance blogs forqmdr more details.kje

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