Next call… regular feeding or free feeding. Free feeding means you keep food within the puppies bowl all the time and he/she chuck whenever they’re hungry.There square measure completely different faculties of thought concerning free feeding. Some Veterinarians feel this is the most effective choice for your puppy as a result of they are growing quickly and should need more food at some point than another. Others counsel feeding your puppy four times every day.

My personal vote goes with the later. Here’s why… Free feeding your dog is often troublesome if you’ve got different pets (trying to stay the opposite pets off from it). Then, when your puppy becomes Associate in Nursing adult, one short year later, you’ll have to retrain your dog to eat solely once or double daily. If you still free feed your dog throughout adulthood, you are setting the stage for Associate in Nursing overweight dog and certain serious health problems.

Having same all of this, my recommendation would be to feed your puppy 4-6 times every

day. they are very little and have a lot of energy. they have to eat typically to fuel their very little bodies and mature properly. Maintain an everyday time schedule for feeding, and leave the food obtainable for 15-20 minutes. Then take it away. If your puppy is hungry he’ll eat, if not he’ll have another chance in an exceedingly few hours. Upon adulthood scale back the feedings to 1-2 times daily.

You’ll notice that there aren’t any absolute answers to the number of times daily to feed your dog. that is as a result of there square measure such a lot of variables concerned in determinative the answer; age, size, breed, what proportion exercise will your dog get, is your dog skinny now or overweight, what number treats will he/she get daily. every one of those points needs to be thought-about before deciding however typically to feed your pet. I completely recommend that you simply talk to… guess who? Say it with Pine Tree State… your Veterinarian! He/she will assist you created the right schedule for your pet.

What that folks food thing? Okay? Or not thus okay?

The answer is… not thus okay. Truth be told, sparsely, some folks food is harmless.However, there square measure some foods which will be terribly harmful to your pet. as an example it’s not a good plan to trim the fat off your meat and feed it to your dog. this sort of fat overload can provide your dog redness that causes chronic abdominal pains.

Ham & bacon square measure too salty and contain an excessive amount of fat. this may cause your pet to possess pancreatitis and, in some breeds, may ultimately end in bloat. Bloat could be a probably life-threatening condition arising from your dog drinking an excessive amount of water from the salty food.

Large amounts of the liver will cause antiophthalmic factor toxicity. this is often serious as a result of it affects the muscles and may cause ill-shapen bones. as a result of antiophthalmic factor additionally has an impression on the metabolism, severe weight loss and eating disorder is additionally a priority.

Any dairy farm product like butter, cheese, and milk square measure harmful to your dog. They weren’t designed to eat these varieties of food thus their bodies cannot digest them properly. The consumption of that product may cause bloating and symptom in your pet.

Bones, notably tiny bones from chicken and fish will get lodged in your pets’ throat which can cause choking. Bones may also cause splinter and tear a dog’s internal organs.

Cat food is far higher in fats and macromolecule than pet food. similar to baby food, dog and cat food is intended with the particular wants of every animal in mind. the additional fat isn’t healthy for your dog and uptake petfood rather than pet food means your pet is missing essential nutrients for his/her health. that is why it’s known as pet food and Cat Food, not Pet Food.

Chocolate and caffein square measure hepatotoxic to dogs and negatively affects their heart and nervous system. Chocolate will cause seizures, coma and ultimately death. One ounce of baking chocolate will poison a 10-pound dog. There square measure completely different forms of chocolate some not as toxic as others. however, let’s face it… will it matter? None of them square measure smart for your pooch, so an enormous no on this treat.

Of course there is the plain… medicine and alcohol square measure absolute no no’s. you may notice it comical to observe a crocked dog, however i am positive that you simply won’t see the humour in knowing that the alcohol you gave him place your precious pet into a coma and presumably resulted in his death.

There square measure several people foods which will cause serious health problems for your dog.There is enough proof that several foods square measure harmful for your pooch that the only solution is to only NOT feed your dog folks food the least bit. Another bonus to the current resolution is that you won’t have a dog that begs for food whereas you erode the table. There square measure thus many treats that are designed particularly for your pet that it very simply makes sense to stay to those. What do you have to feed your dog?

Which is that the best for your dog, dry food or canned food? that is a nice discussion. There

are execs and cons to each, so… let’s build a list:

Dry pet food execs :

Help keep dogs teeth clean from tartar

More wholesome

Dogs have higher breath

Easier to store

Easier to handle

More price effective

Less probably to spoil

Wet pet food execs :

More proteins enclosed

Contains fewer preservatives

Contains less grain and a lot of wetness keeps a dog hydrous and advantages the urinary

tract Is very flavorsome, typically the popular style for dogs May be higher if your dog has sure health problems

Dry pet food Cons :

Not all dry foods square measure quality foods

Usually has a lot of preservatives

Wet pet food Cons :

Sticks on dogs teeth inflicting tooth issues

Requires a lot of dental treatments

Gives dogs dangerous breath More pricy Less healthy as a result of it contains a better fat content and a lot of water

Once opened foodstuff will spoil quickly

Now that we’ve gone over the list of execs and cons, let Pine Tree State say that completely nothing is carved in stone. Your dog might have a health issue that needs him to eat canned

instead of dry. for instance, dogs that have lost their chew teeth or have dental disease might not be ready to chew dry pet food, and should solely be ready to eat foodstuff.I fostered a dog once that might solely eat her dry pet food with two tablespoons of canned food mixed in.

You will notice that some consultants promote foodstuff for puppies and switch to dry food for adult dogs. The obstacle with this is often that it’s troublesome to form the switch.

You may have a dog that’s an extremely fastidious eater or one that gulps his food with the speed of light so yields. These dogs would like your facilitate. total an idea along with your Vet.This article wasn’t meant to possess all the answers. it absolutely was supposed to relinquish you some things to trust. it isn’t as straightforward as “grab a bag of pet food from the store” and we’re smart to travel. As an accountable pet parent, you have some things to trust. Now, consult with your Vet, raise your queries (be certain to elicit the explanation behind the thought), and along build your strategy.