25 Signs That Your Dog Might Be Stressed

Is your dog not its usual happy self? Is it not lavishing the usual amount of attention on you or perhaps going overboard with showing you its love. Don’t just ignore this unusual behavior but consider that your dog might actually be stressed.

Stress isn’t just a human complaint: dogs suffer from it too. To help you assess the situation we’ve created a list of the most common signs of stress (in alphabetical order) in dogs followed by the causes and ways to alleviate it.

1. Abnormal shedding

If you are use to your dog’s shedding seasons, you might notice it is losing hair at an unusual time of year. This is a certain sign of stress, especially if you spot your dog literally pulling out it’s own fur.

2. Aggression

If your normally docile dog behaves in an aggressive manner for no apparent reason, then stress could well be the cause.

3. Bark, Bark, Bark!

If you are home and your dog just won’t stop barking and you can’t fathom out the cause, or if your neighbors tell you your dog barks when your not home stress could be the culprit.

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